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Just as I mention the words, Erotic fine art, a sudden rush of emotions and ecstasy runs down our body and mind. In our minds we see images of naked men and women, in seductive poses and settings. Nevertheless, do not be fooled into believing that erotic art photography is only about naked women and men. I for one believe it goes beyond the body.

Erotic art is just about the most misunderstood of the art forms. And this is so because, viewers just see the nudity in the pictures, and not the vision of the photographer clicking the pictures. And although it would be foolish to say that nudity is not an essential part of erotic photography, it’s definitely not the only essential aspect. At its core, the purpose of erotic photography is to stir sensual, passionate feelings inside the audience.

But apart from it, the photography also depicts the imagination of the photographer which is also depicted via these pictures. The body form, poses and expressions that an erotic photographer asks the models to pose are also extremely much a part of erotic fine art photography.

Modern erotic photography focuses largely on the body’s curves and shape, and puts a solid emphasis on the model’s pure nude beauty. A good erotic photos is composed of a collection of revealing poses that models strikes throughout the session, and emanates raw energy and exression the photographer can capture. However, it is the truly organic, sensuous beauty of these pictures and also the skill of the erotic photographers that separates them from the hardcore stuff.

Who takes these pictures?

It is the final skill and also the experience of the erotic photographer which puts these extremely arousing pictures in a subtle yet provocative manner against the viewers. The erotic photographs nevertheless, look greatest when clicked against a simple black and white base which helps bring out the real expressions and also the natural beauty of the models.

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